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Mission Statement

The Samaritan Charitable Society's mission is to provide occasional financial assistance to those in less fortunate circumstances. It is our goal that by our actions we will help the recipients lift themselves up into a better position with a brighter future.

Executive Summary

The Samaritan Charitable Society of Salem was first organized in Salem, Massachusetts, on December 10, 1832. It was later incorporated in 1881.

Drawing upon a legacy of 186 years, the mission of the Samaritans continues to be to provide occasional help to keep "desolation from the homes" of those less fortunate. This was the intention of a "few ladies of Salem" at the time of incorporation.

The recipients of assistance are residents of Salem, or were originally from Salem, as was the intent of the originators. Over the years, the Samaritan Society has assisted several thousand individuals and families. More recently, the society has supported a 12-week job training program provided by Salem Harbor CDC, assisted residents of Brookhouse, helped with food pantry supplies, supported the Salem Mission, contributed to programs for  Plummer Youth Promise, plus a myriad of other needs.

We focus on providing one-time offers of assistance (as opposed to ongoing financial support) that will enable people to get back on their feet and resume their financial responsibilities. The scope of aid provided to the recipients has ranged from paying a month's rent and helping with moving expenses to paying for overdue heating, electricity, and telephone bills. Often, the reason a recipient needs assistance from the Samaritans is a sudden loss of income due to a job loss or injury, for instance.

As the Samaritan Society enters a new era, the mission of the society is unfortunately no less needed or valued. As there will always be those in need of assistance, the Samaritans will strive in good faith to provide assistance to the extent that we are financially able to do so.

Getting Involved

If you would like to assist our efforts, please make a donation or ask about volunteer opportunities. The Samaritan Society meets in Salem several times during the year to conduct business. You are welcome to join us.

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